Over the last 2 decades, Marlene has dedicated her career to travel.
A native of Jamaica W.I., she’s worked with prestigious Travel Agencies including Pauline’s Travel and Trafalgar Travel. Having an established clientele, she passionate about and specializes in both leisure and corporate travel. An extensive traveler, she is well versed in all aspects of travel, however – independent and escorted tours, honeymoons, cruise and family vacations are her favorite for planning. Some of her favorite destinations include the Caribbean, Canada, Hawaii and Europe.
Her hobbies includes, hanging with family, watching soccer and reading.
​Marlene believes she has the best job in the world helping others fulfill their travel dreams.


Shannon believes, there’s so much more to see than what is right in front of us. That is, she loves traveling. She considers traveling to be a beautiful thing ever since she was a child. To be able to see something bigger than she is and to marvel at its creation. Shannon remembers the first-time she saw a real mountain; she knew then that there is so much more to the world than just the grass and flowers in front of her house. To her, traveling is not just a getaway, it’s an experience – of different cultures, landscapes, and life.



Josh created a name for himself in the entertainment district of Austin TX the city where he was born and raised. From running live music venues on Austin’s famed 6th street to booking musicians all around central Texas he was passionate about what he did and the city he lived in.

Although new to the professional travel industry Josh is no stranger to the world of travel. After a solo trip around europe in 2016 he realized that travel was his true passion. From that point Josh dedicated his life to travel. Selling most of his possessions in 2018 to travel full time, he has traveled to 20+ countries.

Josh takes pride in his trip planning with dedicated research and personal touches. He is well rounded in all aspects of travel, but he specializes in couples travel, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Marlene’s Travel Consultants simplifies your travel arrangement planning; before, during and after your trip.

Our mission is to improve the standard of travel! Combined experience allows us to provide individual and professional advice to suit your travel expectations, offering individual, couple, family and group travel to exotic destinations, be it travel by land, air or sea.

Somewhere out there – Adventure Awaits! Let us help you start planning today.