Quitman, Texas

Quitman, Texas DPS

Growing up on the irie island of #Jamaica (where I’m from), “Yuh scarce like gold” is a term often heard–Simply meaning, because gold is considered a very rare element, it is often compared to a person or thing that is hard to find.

I don’t know how it is in your neck of the woods, but this is the case trying to get an appointment at a Texas DPS offices, getting an appointment is a scare commodity, it’s a 2-months or longer wait for a scheduled appointment, at some offices appointments are almost non-existent.

Rural offices appointment offerings are mostly 2-3 weeks or less.

After spending almost an hour online trying to get an appointment, I finally came across this unfamiliar town, appointments were available just a few days away and for the service I needed, the few hours drive to get there seemed reasonable.

And so it was that my hubby and I and our 2 youngest kiddos, left Dallas and headed for Quitman, Texas.

2 hours later and we are in this charming town; #Quitman.

As per the DPS confirmation received, it’s recommended to be there at 12:45pm for my 1:15pm appointment.

Got there at 12:50pm to a note on the door that read “Will reopen at 1pm for appointments”, and my thought went to so many places, namely “Oh gosh, I’m going to be here all day”.

Boy, was I wrong … At 12:59pm, a pleasant lady emerged and open the door followed by a gentle round of instructions.

The office was a small places, seats about 12 people, with a kiosk to check in and a table with forms, clipboards and pens. I completed my form, double-checked I had all my documents and was about to wait for my number to be called, when next thing I knew everyone was conversing with us.

A lady and her daughter wanted to make sure we’d checkin.

The 98 year old grandpa, that came to renew his Drivers License, yup you heard me right—started telling us about his day and wanted to know about ours.

A teenager testing for her Drivers License and another lady who relocated from Florida chatted us up as well.

One persons blurted out “Happy Valentine’s Day” … Am I in an episode of The Truman Show!

And so it continued, an atmosphere of gentle chattering amongst everyone, like we’d known each other forever, reality hit, these people are authentically nice.

Thumbs up to the 2 staff ladies who genuinely smiling, saw to it that everyone was attended to.

No offense, but I did not feel like I was in a Government establishment. The residents of Quitman I encountered for a brief time, left lasting impressions on my family and reminded me of the reason I fell in love with Texas.

2 hours later, we reluctantly said good bye to Quitman … for now 🙂

Found out after that Quitman, Texas is known as the home of Sissy Spacek and close neighbor to world-renowned Black Bass record holder, Lake Fork.

If you ever need to get out of the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex for a day or 2 to some warm hospitality, friendly faces, beautiful lakes, fishing, outdoor activities, historical sites & more, I suggest checking out Quitman … I have a feeling you won’t regret it.

And if you need an urgent DPS appointment, give a holler to the nice folks at Wood County Courthouse Annex – 211 W Bermuda St, Quitman, TX 75783.

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